Whitesnake Japanese vinyl singles collection
WHITE SNAKE のオリジナル・シングル・コレクションをご紹介します。

■Whitesnake / Hole In The Sky
Polydor Oyster DWQ 6038 : May 1977
■Breakdown / Only My Soul
Polydor DPQ6087 : July 1978

■Bloody Mary / Steal Away - Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City / Come On
Polydor DPQ6096 : Oct 1978

■Lie Down / Don't Mess With Me
Polydor DPQ 6116 : 1978

■Long Way From Home / Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
Polydor DPQ 6174 : 1979

■Fool For Your Loving / Mean Business
Polydor DPQ 6190 : 1980

■Don't Break My Heart Again / Wine Women An' Song
Polydor 7DM0016 : 1981

■Bloody Luxury / Here I Go Again
Polydor 7DM 0068 : 1982

■Give Me More Time / Guilty Of Love
Geffen 07SP 780 : 1984

■Give Me All Your Love (1988 Mix) / Straight For The Heart
CBS Sony 05SP 3007 : 1987

■Here I Go Again / Is This Love
CBS Sony 07SP 1046 : 1987

■Is This Love (edit) / Bad Boys
CBS Sony 10SP 1066 : 1987

These scans have been supplied by easyontheeye books. A selection of these sleeves will appear in their book Art Of Japanese Picture Sleeve due for publication in early 2009. Sample pages and details of the book can be found at www.easyontheeye.net

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